For the duration of this disclaimer "you" or "your" refers to the purchaser or the person taking Custom Capsule products. "We" or "our" shall refer to Custom Capsule.

This website offers a powerful way to design and purchase supplements tailored to your (the purchaser's) individual preferences and needs. Use of this site is intended only for individuals who have experience with taking nutritional supplements, and knowledge about dosing, their uses, and side-effects. As such Custom Capsule recommends that you (the purchaser) do not purchase Custom Capsule products or attempt to create a custom formulation if you are not knowledgeable about the individual ingredients contained in the aforementioned products. We further suggest that if you are interested in purchasing our products that you seek the advice of a physician or qualified health care professional prior to doing so.

Do not create a capsule or take Custom Capsule products if you are under the age of eighteen. Our dosing ranges were created with adults in mind and may not be suitable for children. Further, a lack of safety data often exists for the use of many types of supplements in children, especially regarding development. Adults concerned with supplementation for their children should seek the advice of a physician or qualified health care professional, and not purchase those supplements through our "create capsule" feature. Pregnant or nursing women, or women who might become pregnant should pay careful attention to the warning section of each supplement, titled "Pregnancy/Nursing." Many supplements lack proper safety testing to ensure that they will not harm a developing fetus or infant. For this reason many of our supplements have warnings indicating against use or with the restriction that you discuss use with a physician. Additionally, just because a supplement does not carry this warning does not mean that it is advisable to take in any dosing amount or duration. The best and safest course of action is to discuss every supplement you are interested in taking with you physician and decide together about which to take and in what dose.

When utilizing Custom Capsule's "create capsule" feature, never add the maximum allowable dose of a supplement without reason. The maximum allowable dose is typically not the optimum dosing amount for most individuals. A supplement may have its maximum effect or absorption at a much lower dose than what we allow. By taking more than that dose you may be decreasing the effectiveness of the supplement, increasing the possibility of GI (gastrointestinal) upset caused by exceeding the maximum absorption, increasing the potential for other side effects, and wasting your money. Since the maximum effective amount of each supplement varies per person depending upon body weight, sex, and various other conditions, including lifestyle and disease states, we allow a significant range of dosage for most supplements. Though, determining what dose is right for you is not always a straightforward process. Read through our descriptions for each product carefully, and see if there are recommended doses matching any of your criteria. Most importantly, consult with a physician or qualified health care professional if you are unsure about any dose. Custom Capsule is not responsible for damages or issues that may arise from incorrect or sub-optimum dosing amounts.

Keep in mind several points regarding selection of the proper supplement dosage. CustomCapsule's supplements are available only in capsule form, not tablet form. Often tablets, especially large tablets, pass through the body incompletely or only partially digested. Two pills containing identical amounts of active ingredients, but one is a tablet and one a capsule, may differ drastically in terms of the amount the body absorbs. For this reason, dosage may need to be adjusted if comparing a Custom Capsule product to a tablet product.

Also, pay particular attention when selecting a dosage of a supplement based upon comparisons of similar supplements. For instance, many botanical (herbal) products are available as standardized products. Standardized botanicals contain a set amount of one or more active compounds; while non-standardized botanicals have no guarantee of the amount of active compounds, and may be variable in this amount or contain a much lower amount than standardized botanicals. Therefore a standardized botanical may need to be taken in a much lower amount than a non-standardized botanical. Always consider this fact when comparing supplements.

Note that all CustomCapsule's minerals are calculated and sold by elemental weight. If you are used to taking mineral supplements that are not listed by elemental weight then you might need to select a lower dosage when taking our mineral supplements.

Always pay attention to how many pills equal a serving. Especially pay attention when using our "create capsule" feature. Since each order is custom, the number of pills per serving changes between orders. Make sure that you take the amount of pills per serving that is listed on the bottle. Additionally, remember that for maximum absorption, multiple pill servings are best taken spread throughout the day unless a supplement indicates otherwise. For example, if you have two pills per serving (per day), you could take one in the morning and one in the evening.

Never take more than the specified serving. Taking more pills than the serving size indicates can be dangerous. By increasing your daily serving you may be exceeding our maximum allowable dosage for some supplements. These maximum allowable dosages are set with your safety in mind.

If you create a capsule for an individual other than yourself make sure that they are at least eighteen years old and make sure that they review the product information and warnings. If there are any concerns about any of the supplements included do not take the supplements before addressing these concerns with a physician or qualified health care professional.

Individuals currently being treated for any medical condition or individuals currently taking any prescription medication, over-the-counter medication, or nutritional supplements should not take Custom Capsule products without first consulting with a physician. Physicians or other healthcare professionals involved in your medical care should always be informed of the nutritional supplements and their dosing amounts that you are currently taking or intending to take. Any information provided about our products or ingredients that is not understood, especially concerning warning information, should be discussed with a physician until fully comprehended. Any product or ingredient information that can not be fully comprehended prohibits use of that respective product.

Always contact our support staff at contactus@customcapsule.com if you have any questions or concerns about our products, site navigation, capsule creation, or any other issue. We try to answer questions as promptly as possible, typically within the same day.